Regional Committee passes resolutions to address trade union rights

The Education International Africa Regional Committee (EIARC) passed four resolutions as it wound up its meeting on  22 March in Johannesburg, South Africa. The resolutions were on attacks on the union in Eswatini, irregular payment of teachers’ salaries, unfair terms of work in Angola and intimidation of union leaders in Central African Republic.
The EIARC, was seriously concerned about the continued violation of trade union rights by the Government of Eswatini. The EIARC called on the Government of Eswatini  to stop harassing the SNAT President; respect and protect the fundamental rights of workers and trade unionists. Find the resolution here.
The frequent reports from member organisations concerning irregular payment of the salaries of teachers and Education Support Personnel, particularly in conflict-affected countries is worrying. The EIARC, therefore, called on African governments to ensure decent and  regular payment of salaries - salaries high enough to guarantee teachers and education support personnel a decent level of living. Read the full resolution here.
The EIARC was further concerned about the Government of Angola’s response and handling of teachers’ legitimate demands for improved remuneration. The education workers are paid subsidies or allowances lower than those of workers in other sectors. The EIARC, therefore, called on the government of Angola to harmonize the remuneration of teachers with counterpart professionals to ensure equal pay for work of equal value, as well as consider teacher trade unions as equal partners in social and policy dialogue. Here is the resolution. 
Concerned about the arrest and detention of the three leaders of Syndicat National des Enseignants Autonomes de Centrafrique (SYNEAC), du Syndicat des Travailleurs pour le Développement (STD) and the Fédération de l’Enseignement Technique (FET) on 9th March 2023 by the police, the EIARC consequently urged governments to respect international labour standards and immediately and unconditionally release the union leaders who were unjustly arrested. The full resolution is available here.

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