EI Global Response to Privatisation and Commercialisation of Education expands to more countries

On June 15, 2023, Education International (EI) Africa held an online meeting on the EI Global Response (GR) to Privatisation and Commercialisation of and in Education. The meeting was held in the context of the new EI campaign, “Go Public! Fund Education”. The privatisation and commercialisation of education is growing at the expense of public education because of inadequate funding.
Dr Dennis Sinyolo, Regional Director of EI Africa, stated in his opening remarks:
‘In the new campaign, we will be calling for a quality public school for every African child. A public school where every child is taught by a highly trained, qualified, motivated and supported teacher and learns in a well-resourced, safe and healthy classroom’. Dr Sinyolo emphasized that ‘our schools, colleges and universities should be publicly funded and accessible to all’. 
He then reminded the participants who were from Cameroon, Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia that education is a basic human right and a public good and appealed to them  to join  in saying no to the privatisation, commercialisation, marketisation and commodification of this fundamental right in their   countries, in Africa and everywhere.
‘Through the Global Response to Privatisation and Commercialisation of and in Education campaign, Education International and its member organisations around the world have and  continue to expose malpractices in the private education sector’, said Dr Dennis Sinyolo. 
The webinar drew over 30 participants and was also addressed by  Rebeca Logan, EI's Director of Campaigns and Communications,  on the Go Public! Fund Education Campaign which was launched on January 24, 2023.
The meeting reviewed the situation of education financing, privatisation, and commercialisation of education in Malawi, Cameroon, Zambia, and Rwanda. Dr. Pedi Anawi and Mrs. Lucy Barimbui, EI Africa Regional Coordinators, also gave presentations on the conclusions of the EI African study on privatisation and commercialisation of education, as well as the synopsis of the Global Response Campaign from 2016-2023. The webinar marks the launch of the campaign in Rwanda, Cameroon, Malawi, and Zambia, adding to the previous countries of Senegal, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Ghana.

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