Public education in Cape Verde: A union call for investment

In the archipelago nation of Cape Verde, a recent round of negotiations between the government and teachers’ unions has brought to light the critical need for increased funding in public education. Despite reaching consensus on some demands, the two parties remain at an impasse over salary updates, with the unions proposing a figure just over 107,000 escudos (around 960 euros).
Cape Verde’s Minister of Education, Amadeu Cruz has promised a response after consulting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance on this union proposal.
The struggle for fair compensation
This ongoing debate is not just about numbers; it’s a reflection of the broader struggle to ensure that educators are adequately compensated and valued in Cape Verde. The unions, representing a workforce that molds young minds, stand firm on their proposal, showing a willingness to negotiate but also a resolve to secure fair wages.
Investing in Teachers, Investing in the Future
This financial deadlock underscores a deeper issue: the necessity of investing in public education. The forum organized by the Federaçao Caboverdiana dos Professores (FECAP) and the Sindicato Nacional dos Professores (SINDEP) – both affiliated to Education International, titled “Rethinking Investment in Teachers for Quality Public Education,” serves as a testament to this need. Held with financial support from by Education International, the event symbolizes a united front in the fight for educators’ rights and the betterment of public schooling. It also demonstrate the unions’ commitment to join Education International’s Go Public! Fund Education campaign.
As Cape Verde grapples with the challenges of labor disputes, the message from the unions is clear: investing in teachers is investing in the nation’s future. The government’s response to these demands will not only shape the livelihoods of educators but also the quality of education for Cape Verdean children.

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