Young African Educators Unite to Transform the Teaching Profession

In a significant step towards strengthening the teaching profession across Africa,  EI Africa (EIA) convened an online meeting of the Africa Young Educators Network (AYEN) on Tuesday, 11th June 2024 to discuss the implementation of the UN Secretary-General's High-Level Panel (HLP) Recommendations on the teaching profession. The webinar was under the theme, "Young Educators United for a Stronger Teaching Profession," and brought together young educators to analyse the HLP's 59 recommendations and develop strategies to advocate for their implementation by African governments.
In his opening remarks,  EIA Regional Director, Dr. Dennis Sinyolo, emphasized that "teachers and education support personnel are the backbone of any education system, and strengthening the teaching profession is essential for delivering quality, inclusive education for all." He noted that the HLP recommendations provide a "clear roadmap for governments, regional bodies, and other stakeholders to address persistent teacher shortages, strengthen the value and status of the teaching profession, and ensure that teachers are properly supported and motivated."
The webinar had three key objectives: raising awareness about the HLP recommendations, building the capacity of AYEN members to advocate for their implementation, and developing advocacy strategies to persuade African governments to fully put the recommendations into practice.
By the end of the webinar, the young educators had gained a clear understanding of the HLP recommendations, proposed advocacy strategies targeting governments, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and the African Union, and committed to widely disseminating the recommendations among union leaders, members, and partners.
Importantly, the participants also adopted a statement calling for African governments to implement the HLP recommendations, demonstrating their collective commitment to transforming the teaching profession.
"As young educators, you are both the present and the future of our profession, our education systems, and our union; so take the lead in promoting these recommendations and in putting pressure on the governments to implement them," urged Dr. Sinyolo.
The webinar's outcomes underscored the pivotal role that Africa's young educators play in shaping the future of the teaching profession and ensuring quality education for all. With their unwavering dedication and strategic advocacy, these young leaders are poised to drive meaningful change across the continent.
Click here to download the AYEN Statement.

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