Newly-elected EI Africa Regional Committee holds orientation meeting

The online orientation meeting for Education International (EI) Africa Regional Committee (EIARC) members was an important event that brought together educators and leaders from across the continent to discuss critical issues affecting education in Africa. The online meeting organised under the theme ‘United for stronger and more vibrant unions in Africa’, took place on 13th March 2024. It aimed at equipping newly-elected committee members with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively contribute to the development of education policies and programs in their respective countries.
The objectives of the meeting were to clarify the roles of the Committee, including those of the Zonal Representatives, refresh their knowledge of  EI’s strategic priorities,  EI Africa Gender Equality work, programmes and projects in the region, as well as prepare for the World Congress.
The EIARC Vice-Chairperson, Richard Gundane, on behalf of the EIARC Chairperson, Mariama Chipkaou, welcomed participants to the meeting and thanked them for joining this important orientation meeting. Gundane also thanked the EI Africa Regional Director, Dr. Dennis Sinyolo, and Secretariat for organising the meeting. 
In her opening  remarks, Susan Hopgood, President of Education International (EI), commended the Secretariat on a well-run Regional Conference that took place last November in Johannesburg, South Africa, and welcomed the newly-elected committee members to the orientation meeting. She continued by reminding participants of what must be done to reverse the global teacher shortage and emphasised on the need for governments to answer the call.
Hopgood then highlighted the 59 recommendations made by the United Nations (UN) High-Level Panel on the Teaching Profession, which were launched  in South Africa on 26 February 2024, to ensure that teachers are valued and respected. ‘The 10th World Congress will be an opportunity to call on African governments to spend more on public education and to intensify our Go Public! Fund Education campaign’, she concluded.
The meeting addressed a number of pertinent issues, namely: the mandate and functions of the EI Africa Regional Committee; decisions from the 10th EI Africa Regional Conference, as well as recommendations from the Women’s Roundtable and the Young Members Forum, the 2024 Operational Plan and the Africa Supplementary Dues.
Furthermore, it discussed the African Union’s Year of Education and future continental education strategy and also shed light on the current challenges faced by Tanzania Teachers Union (TTU) where government interference threatens to destroy the union. 

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