Women Educators Gather at AWEN Forum to Advance Gender Equality in Education

On November 20th, 2023, members of the Women in Education Network (AWEN) came together at the Sandton Convention Centre under the theme, "Educators United for Gender Equality." The forum aimed to ignite change and break barriers, empowering women to take key leadership positions in their unions.
In his opening remarks, Christian Addai-Poku, the EI Africa President, commended the attendees for their ongoing efforts in promoting gender equality in education. He acknowledged the progress made in increasing women's participation in union activities while stressing the need for continued action. Dr. Addai-Poku highlighted the significance of the AWEN research on Women's Participation and Leadership in Education Unions, encouraging participants to reflect on the study's findings and devise strategies to shatter the glass ceiling.
Susan Hopgood, the Global President of Education International, emphasized the pivotal role of women in driving success. She urged women in teacher unions to assume leadership positions and initiate transformational conversations. Hopgood's message resonated with the attendees, inspiring them to take charge and lead the way toward progress.
The forum featured a presentation by Tracey Konstant, the Lead Researcher of the study on "Women's Participation and Leadership in Education Unions: Investigating Barriers and Identifying Solutions." She shared the research's findings and presented a series of recommendations aimed at empowering women. The recommendations urged women to be worthy, fair, engaged, committed, helpful, thick-skinned, and strive to aspire to higher heights. 
Leah Kasaji, the AWEN President, reiterated the importance of collaboration and unity among women to create a more inclusive and progressive union. She encouraged young educators to actively engage in the activities of teacher unions, highlighting the power of their inspiration to motivate others.
The forum concluded with a passionate call to action from Mariama Chipkaou, the Vice President of EIARC. Chipkaou urged all women to enhance their capacities and prepare themselves for leadership roles within their respective unions.
The AWEN forum provided a platform for women educators to unite, share strategies, exchange ideas, and discuss best practices for creating inclusive learning environments. As educators, they recognized that gender equality requires collective effort and a steadfast commitment to breaking down barriers.

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