EI Africa Capacity Building moves to Central and West Africa

Education International Africa (EI) continued to roll out its capacity building programme with subregional Workshops for  Central Africa and West Africa. The workshops were held from 10th to 11th November 2021and 24th to 25th of November 2021, respectively. Each of the workshops was attended by more than 50 senior union leaders, women and young leaders from their respective sub-regions. The workshops aimed at achieving stronger and united education unions working in solidarity for quality public education through well-trained, qualified, supported and motivated education personnel.
The workshops shared information  on Trade Unionism in the 21st Century, Policy and Social dialogue, Advocacy, Lobbying and campaigning, International Labour Standards, and Union Management, Leadership and Renewal. The union leaders also assessed the situation in the respective unions using the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and initiated the development of action plans to improve their unions.
In his opening remarks, Dr Dennis Sinyolo, Regional Director of EI, stated that building the capacity of teachers should also take into consideration remote and hybrid teaching, given the new challenges caused by Covid-19. He highlighted that technology cannot replace teachers, but with appropriate use, it can be a powerful tool for enhancing their work. He encouraged members to use the EI Africa Framework on Hybrid and Remote Teaching and Learning adopted in May to inform and support national advocacy and other efforts. 
He highlighted the need for Governments to meet the internationally agreed education financing benchmarks of investing at least 20% of the national budget or at least 6% of GDP in education. In addition, he urged Governments to provide adequate school infrastructure and equipment, involve teachers and their unions in genuine social and policy dialogue, and effectively support them in providing quality teaching in times of crisis.
“Let us continue to introspect, reflect and develop measures to renew, strengthen and reenergize our unions and the teacher trade union movement in Africa. 
“Let’s continue working together in unity, for we are stronger together”, Dr Dennis Sinyolo encouraged the participants in his closing remarks.  

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