Eradicate Child labour with equitable, inclusive quality Education

 “The most effective way to eradicate child labour is to ensure accesses to equitable, inclusive, quality education for all”. 
Education International, Regional Director, Dr Dennis Sinyolo, affirmed in his address to the ILO virtual E-Learning Course on the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour on 20 May. He highlighted that quality education can break the cycle of poverty which implies that a child who works today instead of being in school is likely to be an unemployed adult tomorrow.
He counselled that putting children in schools is not enough, putting children in overcrowded classes  in schools, without toilets or water or enough trained teachers can result later in school dropouts. He added that what all children need is a quality education ensured by three key pillars, namely: qualified teachers with decent salaries and working condition; quality tools and resources; and safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments.
He further observed that the prospect of achieving SDG4 by 2030 is fast diminishing and millions of children are still subjected to child labour instead of being in school.
“To achieve the eradication of child labour, Governments should meet the Internationally agreed benchmarks of allocating at least 20% of the national budget or at least 6% of GDP to education”, he concluded.
See full presentation here.

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