Iraq: Education union’s first teacher capacity development training focuses on new teaching methods

The programme aims to build teachers’ capacity in a series of training courses for KTU branches. Supported financially by Education International and run-in cooperation with the General Directorate of Education, the first three-day long course near Kirkuk held in November was attended by 25 participants. 
Course content
During the first course, participants compared ancient and modern methods of teaching. They were introduced to new methods of education and the most important foundations and needs. And they learned about online teaching, examining the elements of a typical online course.
The participants also held an open dialogue about new methods of teaching, particularly online teaching. And, in groups, they explored the best teaching method and principles, the convenience of online classes for education plans in the region, challenges and obstacles, the future of education in terms of online classes, and positive and negative aspects of online education. 
Later, the group followed an example of an online lecture about a scientific subject, before giving their feedback on the course and receiving participation certificates.
Satisfaction rating
Participating teachers benefited from the course so much they have sought longer courses in future.  This would help them to better understand the significance and advantages of teaching methods and the use of the modern techniques.
In Kurdistan, schools closed on 1st November because of a surge in COVID-19 infections, and are due to reopen on 1st December. Teachers have therefore already put acquired skills on online education modalities into practice.

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