Education International Africa calls for immediate release of the 287 kidnapped students in Nigeria

Education International Africa (EIA) strongly denounces the abduction of 287 students from a school in Kaduna State, Nigeria, and calls on Nigerian authorities to swiftly rescue all the kidnapped children. 
According to the Guardian news report more than 200 children and their teacher were abducted from their school found in Kuriga, Kaduna State in North Western Nigeria early morning on 7th March 2024 by armed gangs.
‘Abductions of students from schools in northern Nigeria are common and have become a source of concern since 2014, when Islamic extremists kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls in Borno state’s Chibok village. In recent years, the abductions have been concentrated in north-western and central regions, where dozens of armed groups often target villagers and travelers for huge ransoms’, the Guardian news report.
‘We condemn the abduction of innocent children, teachers and education support personnel by armed groups. Children must be allowed continuous access to quality education without fear’, said EI Africa Director, Dr. Dennis Sinyolo.
‘We urge governments, the African Union, and the United Nations to take immediate, concrete, and visible measures to make our schools and all education institutions safe sanctuaries. All African governments should adopt and implement the Safe Schools Declaration’, Dennis Sinyolo added.
Education International stands in solidarity with the Nigerian educators and all the affected students, parents, and communities. 

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