Maganga and other TTU leaders released from police custody

Japhet Maganga, General Secretary of Tanzania Teachers Union (TTU), and nine of his colleagues who were detained by the police last week have been released.  Their release followed mounting pressure from Education International (EI), African EI member organisations and development cooperation partners who sent protest letters to the President of Tanzania, as well as legal action supported by EI.  
In a message to the EI Africa Regional Director, Japhet Maganga thanked EI and member organisations for their solidarity during this trying time. Japhet Maganga and his colleagues were released from police custody last evening (local time). “Thank you for the support and solidarity  from EI and affiliates”, he said.  
“The threat is far from over. We urge EI member organizations to still send the protest letters to the President of Tanzania, demanding that all charges against Japhet and the other 9 TTU leaders be dropped, that Japhet be reinstated into his teaching position, and that he be granted ‘leave without pay’ (secondment) to serve the union full time”, Dr. Dennis Sinyolo said. 
Most importantly, Dr. Sinyolo stressed that the Tanzanian government must cease interfering in the internal affairs of the TTU and allow members to choose their representatives freely without fear of retaliation. As long as democratic union rights remain under threat, the international community's vigilance and protest will be needed. Only by standing together can teachers' voices be heard.
EI Africa will continue to work to always protect the freedom and rights of member organizations. “An injury to one is an injury to all!”. 

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