EI Africa launches indicators for school reopening

Today, EI Africa launched a new framework of indicators for the reopening of schools and other education institutions.
The 10 indicators cover a wide range of issues, including the paramount importance of ensuring that every school and education institution has adequate water and sanitation, personal protective equipment and clear COVID-19 guidelines developed with the full involvement of educators through their unions. 
These indicators were developed following the EI Africa webinar on school reopening held in May and have been informed by World Health Organisation guidelines and various EI Executive Board and Africa Regional Committee resolutions, decisions and tools on COVID-19, as well as research evidence and the experiences of member organisations. 
“These indicators can be a useful tool in assessing whether schools and education institutions should reopen or remain open during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis”, said Dennis Sinyolo, EI Chief Regional Coordinator for Africa.
EI Africa commends these indicators to member organisations, governments and partners.
To download the indicators, please click here.  

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