EI Joins AAI and PSI to launch Public Vs Austerity Report

“IMF should listen to fact …they should listen to workers, civil society, students and other victims of their destructive policies”. Dr Dennis Sinyolo advised to IMF SAPS of the 1980’s and 90’s. This was at East and Southern Africa segment of the launch of the ‘Public versus Austerity report jointly produced by Action Aid International (AAI), Public Services International (PSI), and Education International on 12 October 2021.
The event that run across the globe beginning with Asia to East and Southern Africa through the International launch to West Africa. Speaker after speaker high lighted the negative impact of public sector wage bill constraints and agreed with the report that such policies must be stopped lest they are imposed on post covid -19 recovery measures.
Gifty Apambil, speaking on behalf of EIRAF in the West African Segment, wondered how African countries could achieve target 4c of SDG4 ‘To substantially increase supply of quality teachers’ if these states have to cut on the subsector bill. She joined other speakers who observed that it was not realistic for IMF to prescribe public sector wage bill caps as a strategy to free up funds for capital expenditures, yet education is good for both human and economic development.
The event also heard from workers on the frontline including teachers captured in EI studies Malawi, Senegal, and Zambia that will be launched soon. Please find the full report, executive summary and key messages and findings.

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