EI Africa launches young members’ network

Through the  African Women in Education Network (AWEN) programme, Education International (EI) Africa organized a regional Leadership training  for young members. The training, which took place from 22nd to 24th September 2021 on  the Zoom platform, aimed at building the capacity of young teacher and education support personnel unionists to lead and engage effectively in union activities and programmes. The training was attended by more than 40 young male and female union activists from selected EI member organisations in Africa. 
Dr. Dennis Sinyolo, EI Africa Regional Director, in his opening remarks, stated that it is through the active participation of young teachers and education support personnel in our union structures and activities that we can renew and reenergize our teacher trade union movement.
Dr. Sinyolo emphasized on the need for young educators and women to get involved in the teacher trade union movement, to contribute, to lead and to shine because “when  the experiences of older colleagues and the dynamism of the youth are combined, a miracle happens”.  
The training was an  opportunity for the  participants to increase their knowledge on trade union values; enhance their knowledge of Education International priorities and perspectives; develop their leadership skills;  get increased motivation to  participate in unions activities and union decision making structures; and;  discuss how young members can contribute to promote the achievement of gender equality in unions. 
Dr. Sinyolo launched the ‘Africa Young Educators Network’ (AYEN) during the training  and expressed his hope that it will expand, be consolidated, and become a vibrant platform for young and early-stage teachers and education support personnel in Africa.
He urged participants to recruit more young people into the unions, to organise and mobilise for the improvement of their rights and those of their students “since teachers’ working conditions are children’s learning conditions”.
He also advised young members to report to their General Secretary and national leadership and encouraged them to always read and learn, to build professional networks and relationships in their school, local jurisdiction, country or even globally, to participate in union meetings and activities, to collaborate and learn from their colleagues and other leaders and, to lead.

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