Education International Africa Regional Committee members gear to working virtually

To build the capacity of its members, Education International (EI) Africa organised an online training for the EI Africa Regional Committee (EIARC) members on the use of virtual platforms. The training gathered the Committee members, the substitutes, technical staff from the Regional Committee members’ unions and EI Africa staff. It aimed at building the capacity of  EIARC members to enable them to facilitate and attend meetings. The training took place from 1st to 2nd June 2021.
The objectives of the training were (i) to increase knowledge of the most used online meetings and training virtual platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams), (ii) to help participants have a clear understanding of the different functionalities, advantages, and shortcomings in the use of the Zoom platform and (iii) to enhance participants’ skills to enable them to convene and manage online meetings.
In his introductory remarks, Dr Dennis Sinyolo, EI Africa Regional Director, indicated that the training was born out of the desire by EI Africa Regional Committee members to deepen their understanding of how to attend, organise and facilitate meetings using virtual platforms. While noting that technology cannot replace teachers, he stressed that it can be a powerful tool in the hands of a teacher. “Unions can use technology to recruit, organise, mobilise and provide the best services to members”, he opined. He encouraged participants to share their stories on the use of virtual platforms with the regional office so that we can publish them on the website. 
Participants had the opportunity to understand how Zoom can be used for meetings, gained a practical understanding of online platforms, and acquired skills for facilitating meetings using virtual platforms. Practical presentations were made on Zoom functionalities, facilitation techniques, methods of setting up online meetings on Zoom and inviting others to join, approaches to conduct meetings online and ways to avoid technical and time zone scheduling challenges.

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