EI Africa celebrates Education Support Personnel

Education, the world over has undergone a lot of challenges especially in the last two years because of the coronavirus. Education institutions were closed, distance learning was attempted in various forms with very little success. The very essential Education Support Personnel (ESP) were nearly forgotten in this crisis like before. The routines and source of survival were interrupted, and the world paid little attention.
On this occasion of the world ESP week spearheaded by Education International (EI), EI Africa joins the rest of the world in highlighting the key role, experiences, and professionalism that ESP show every day in contributing to the provision of quality education for all. EI first launched World Education Support Personnel Day on 16th May 2018.
Representing a wide range of professional, administrative, technical, and general staff working within the education sector such as teaching assistants, school nurses and psychologists, bursars, and bus drivers, among others, ESP are the heart and the soul of our schools.
“EI Africa calls upon governments to improve the status and working conditions of ESP”, said EI Africa Director, Dr Dennis Sinyolo.
Governments should guarantee a safe environment for ESP and ensure that they are put in the priority list for vaccination with other frontline workers. Their status, rights, and working conditions need to be improved if the world is to meet the goal of inclusive quality education for all by 2030.

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