May Day 21: EI Africa calls for decent work for all

On this year’s International Workers’ Day EI Africa joins the global trade union and educators’ movement to call for decent work for all. 
Many African teachers and education support personnel are poorly paid and work under very difficult conditions, characterised by poor school infrastructure, inadequate housing and other amenities, large class sizes and shortages of teaching and learning resources.   
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the status and working conditions of teachers, with many educators in private schools going for months without pay or even laid off. Teacher workload has increased, mainly because of the double-shift system or blended learning approaches necessitated by the need for social distancing. 
“On this year’s International Workers’ Day, we call upon governments to take immediate legal, policy and practical measures to restore the status and dignity of the African teacher”, said EI Regional Director for Africa, Dr Dennis Sinyolo. “Educators deserve decent salaries and working conditions befitting their professional status”, he stressed. Sinyolo went on to emphasise that, without genuine social dialogue none of these objectives would be achieved. 
EI Africa congratulates teacher unions, all educators, and workers in Africa on this important day. 

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