Education International (EI) Executive Board Resolution on Terrorist Attacks in Mozambique

The EI Executive Board, in its virtual meeting held on 9 December, 2020, called on the Government of Mozambique, the Southern African Development Community, the African Union and the international community to take urgent action to protect schools, educators and students from attack,  provide security and support for the victims of terrorist attacks.
It also expressed its solidarity with the ONP, teachers, students, and others subjected to violence, while supporting the provision of material assistance, including shelter, food and clothing for displaced teachers and school supplies for students and appealed to member organisations to join in solidarity with the ONP. 
The resolution was prompted by reports from the Organizaçao Nacional dos Professores (ONP) of Mozambique, that six teachers were recently assassinated by terrorists in the northern province of Cabo Delgato.
The terrorist attacks have resulted in more than 2,000 deaths and 350,000 displaced persons, as well as destruction of public and private housing and infrastructure, according to the United Nations. The violence has displaced 74,149 students and 1,486 teachers. Education institutions damaged or forced to close by the terrorist attacks number 172, and these include primary and secondary schools, as well as teacher training colleges, professional technical schools, and agrarian institutes. 
The terrorists, the Executive Board heard, claim to be linked with the Islamic State and have been active for three years. Terrorists come from within and outside the country, including countries affected by violent extremism and conflict in Africa and beyond the continent.
Recalling UN Resolution 64/290 on the right to education in emergences calling for those involved in armed conflict to respect civilians, students, education personnel and education institutions, the EI Executive Board called on the Government of Mozambique, the Southern African Development Community, and the African union to take urgent action to protect educators and students and to resolve the crisis. 

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